About our company

We are headquartered in the Stuttgart region of Germany looking back on 125 years of industrial entrepreneurship.

The Hohnloser Holding has a tradition of more than 125 years as a medium-sized family business.

The group was founded in 1890 as a manufacturer of galvanic metal coatings in Ludwigsburg (Gärtner & Klinger). In 1966, Helmut Hohnloser joined and later took over the company, systematically expanding it and creating the basis for international expansion and diversification.

Since the late 90s Jörg Hohnloser has developed the group into an international group of technology companies with portfolio expansion and acquisitions.

In the course of the company’s history, Hohnloser Holding and its predecessor organisations have primarily dealt with the automotive industry, semiconductor industry, the biomedical sector and real estate development.